Healing in Motion


Lakewest Rehabilitation & Skilled Care Center offers in-house rehabilitation services. Instead of having different therapists work with you during your stay, our in-house therapy program allows for a more personal relationship between patient and therapist. You will work closely with a select group of therapists, letting them get to know you and cater your treatment plan to meet your needs.


Uses electrical stimulation (e-stim) for a treatment option to decrease acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, decrease muscle tone-spasm, increase local circulation, and increase-maintain joint range of motion (ROM)

Nu Step

is a cross trainer thar can help patients build strength, increase cardiovascular endurance and enhance mobility – all vital to performing activities of daily living successfully. The NuStep’s low-inertia start-up, user-controlled step length and multiple resistance levels allow patients to control their workout and easily adapt it as they progress.


Isokinetic exercise is a relatively safe and effective way to strengthen certain muscles in a person recovering from an injury. Some of its benefits include: A person can experience resistance throughout a joint’s entire range of motion. The controlled resistance and speed reduce the risk of injury.


By providing concentric, eccentric and stabilization challenges, weights push the body. Using weights provide the resistance patients need to help rebuild muscles after an injury.


The ability to stand with the assistance of a standing frame can improve quality of life and restore your ability to engage in activities once again that your impairment may have curbed. These aids are instrumental in physical therapy to recover from an injury, surgery, or expand the range of motion.

NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) WALKER NDT

focuses on the active use of overall movement patterns that are efficient, self-initiated, and have variety, in order to facilitate brain plasticity and neural recovery to improve coordination of movement.


A set of parallel bars for physical therapy is a tool to help recover or retain functional mobility. This piece of equipment provides a safe method to work on walking, balance, and gait training, while building strength, mobility, endurance, and range of motion.


Individuals recovering from injuries train stairs as a great tool for increasing flexibility and improving lower body strength, providing anaerobic conditioning, and strengthening the heart, lungs, and muscles.


provides a stable surface for manual techniques of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, joint manipulation, and flexibility/stretching exercises to increase range of motion.


can be used as a leg exercise or arm exercise tool.

Model Apartment

Model Apartment is aimed at getting back everyday activity strength back. From opening cabinets to getting out of bed, this room is aimed at putting you in real life situations.